08.00 - 20.00

What do we offer?

Culinary pleasure in Szilvásvárad at the Lipica Restaurant

Forest atmosphere

In our restaurant with a forest atmosphere, we can accommodate 70 people and there is a covered terrace for another 70 people.

Food offering

We welcome our guests with Hungarian, game and trout dishes, local specialties, international and diet dishes, barbecue and potluck parties.

Drinks available

A wide selection of excellent wines, draft beer, short drinks, locally made refreshments and ice creams.

Are we open?

Opening hours of the restaurant

The opening period may change, the time shown on the website is for information purposes only.


08:00 - 20:00


08:00 - 20:00

Chef's offer

Erdei gombás mangalica pástétom

2.790 Ft

Kacsahúsleves gazdagon, zöldségekkel

2.190 Ft

Bükki vadraguleves

2.290 Ft

Csirkepaprikás tanyasi galuskával

3.790 Ft

Konfitált kacsacomb káposztás cvekedlivel

4.990 Ft

Ropogós pisztráng egészben sütve

4.490 Ft

Marha Burger hasábburgonyával

3.490 Ft

Szilvásvárad, Egri út. 12.